Quantum Programming Languages and Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is going to be at your nearest electronics superstore, when there is a breakthrough in building scalable quantum computers with the “right” properties. But don’t let this hold up your quantum programming skills and education. Make sure you read through this Wiki below (with links to important academic papers), which is a worldwide effort to contribute to the quantum computing literature.


What’s next? You guessed it!

—Quantum Machine Learning—

See Prof. Seth Lloyd explain this to us–>


Number of Reserve words and/or Keywords by Programming Language

Reserve Words

C++                : 82

Java               : 50

PHP               : 49

Ruby              : 42

Python 3.3x   :  33

C                   :  32

Python 2.7x   :  31

Go                 :  25

“Keywords have a special meaning in a language, and are part of the syntax.

Reserved words are words that cannot be used as identifiers (variables, functions, etc.), because they are reserved by the language.”